Top 10 funny games to play with girlfriend

funny games to play with girlfriend 1
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It is quite annoying when your girlfriend always complain that you just want to play games instead of spending time with her. Then she forces you to choose her or your pleasures. Are you stressing with this situation? Don’t worry because we have some solutions for you, which is to give you the selection of the best 10 funny games to play with girlfriend. With these kinds of games, your honey will be satisfied, and she will also be happy because she could share the wonderful moments with you without being harsh like before.


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1. Love Plus:

Love Plus has become a famous and popular dating game and it is also evaluated to be one of the funny games to play with girlfriends. The players are allowed to make a relationship with the virtual character in the gameplay. At the start, you can set your own male character, then choose a female character and also set her name as well as her outlook. In this case, you should customize the female character with the same name and appearance as your real girlfriend. After that, the game will take place in Towano City, you are a male student who comes to this city to study at a secondary school.

funny games to play with girlfriend 1

During the game, you will meet 3 girls, and you will ask to make the acquaintance to one of those 3 girls (to that girl you give the same name as your girlfriend). In this period, you have to make her love you by creating memories and giving her an unforgettable feeling. Although firstly she just thinking about you as a friend, she may change her mind to be fallen in love with your heart. However, even if two of you become a couple, this still won’t be the end of the game. There are many interesting parts after that. Let’s discover it out with your girl and you will have the best moment together.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is an exciting game, beat them up, and action game with single-player and multiplayer modes. This game is taken the inspiration from the movie with the same name, and then it has been listed as the top of the funny games to play with girlfriend. It is put in a fictional world where you have to fight against the enemies and evils of Ramona. Before taking this main part, you have to select the available characters such as Kim Pine, Stephen Stills, Scott Pilgrim; each character has its own abilities, styles, and skills. Because of this uniqueness, you can choose the one you prefer and perform his/her special skill effectively to defeat the rivals.

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Otherwise, you can collect coins by killing foes in order to buy boost stats or health. When you progress to another level, another character will be unlocked. The important thing is you can invite your girlfriend to play with you in the multiplayer mode, so two of you can cooperate and have enjoyable moments with each other.

Rusty Hearts:

Rusty Heart is an action and romantic video game which was developed by Stairway Games and proclaimed by Perfect World Entertainment. The game’s story-line is about a vampire who owns a kingdom of Macedomia, and about a courage family that is changed to be the vampire with the only aim of saving their bloodline. Unfortunately, the pure vampire did not allow the mixed-blood creatures to survive, they want to be dominant and expect to destroy all the crossbred. This leads to a long-lasting war between the two separated clans. However, one day a plague killed all people as well as vampires, excepting the lord of vampire Vlad and others in Curtis castle. Another clan had realized the weaknesses of the vampire tribe; it takes the advantage and locks Vlad and his clan inside the castle.

funny games to play with girlfriend 3

Actually, it tried to kill all the remaining vampires but this battle had taken a very long period. Besides the creepy and action factors, the game also has romantic moments like Twilight which happen between two main characters in Victorian-era. So, if your girl is a strong and courageous girl, then you should recommend this game to her since we promise this game can be one of the funny games to play with girlfriend.

Resident Evil 5:

Resident Evil 5 is an adventure-action, horror, and shooting video game, which was proclaimed by Capcom. The two main characters of this game are Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. The game’s story-line is about the investigation conducted by Sheva which relates to a potential terrorist in Kijuju, Africa. On the other hand, Chris also chases after his enemy named Albert Whisker who always haunt him down everywhere and every time.

funny games to play with girlfriend 5

Both the protagonists begin their adventure; during the journey, they fall into a massive battle with Humanoid enemies including zombies and other strange creatures. To beat them, two protagonists have to use gun, explosives, and heavy weapons. With lots of prominent features such as a typical interesting story-line, beautiful graphics and dramatic moments, this game is considered suitable for unyielding players; and if you have a girlfriend who has a strong personality, then Resident Evil 5 especially belongs to one of the funny games to play with girlfriend.

L.A. Noire:

L.A. Noire is an action-adventure and mystery game which was released in 2011. It is considered to be the game which is included in the list of funny games to play with girlfriend due to its unique feature. L.A. Noire is set in the Los Angeles background. The players in this game are put in the police officer to find out about a criminal case. During the game, the players have to solve all the challenging clues and use the information from those clues to find out the mystery and interview someone if necessary.

funny games to play with girlfriend 5

In overall, L.A. Noire has a unique game structure and well-written story-line. If your girlfriend is a person that is smart and prefer thinking as well as solving the thorny problems, then introducing this game to her will be a good idea for you. Additionally, she will understand for you in several moments that she tried to force you to read her thinking! Playing this kind of game, guiding what she does not know how to do, and having the best moments together are the ways to tighten your relationship significantly.


Fez is a puzzle and adventure video game created by Microsoft Studios/Trapdoor. This game is telling about a typical cute character named Fez, the one that is attractive for every girl significantly the first time she sees. Fez lives in a 2D world freely until the 3rd Dimension and other mysteries approach him. Because of the curiousness, Fez decides to go for a trip with the aim of exploring the secrets.

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During the game, the players will control Fez to complete his expectation using Fez’s unique ability before the time limit is gone. With lots of amazing features such as a 3D environment, a variety of secrets to discover, hidden treasures, great mechanics, interesting gameplay, and easy-to-approach, Fez will promise to impress the players noticeably, especially the girls. Therefore, Fez could be listed as one of the funny games to play with girlfriend.

Dance Dance Revolution:

Dance Dance Revolution (1998) is a game with an incredible mixture of music, exercise, rhythm, and dance which was produced by Konami for PS platform. The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. The basic mission of this game is to ask the players to use the pad to move their character’s feet to perform a dance skillfully while listening to the music in order to feel the beat and get inspiration. Otherwise, it is necessary for the players to try to match the beat form the arrows, which are displayed on the screen. This game becomes more difficult when the players get on a higher level.

funny games to play with girlfriend 7

With exciting gameplay, beautiful characters, and superb soundtracks, Dance Dance game is the best game to try once, and it is also appropriate for both boys and girls to play together. As a result, inviting your honey to play this game with you is not a bad idea, and you will realize that this game is the best compared to other funny games to play with girlfriend.

Mario Bros:

Mario Bros of Nintendo EAD is an interesting video game which takes place in the place named Mushroom Kingdom. The main character of this game is called Mario and the second character is Luigi, both of them engage in an amazing adventure in the world full of puzzles.

funny games to play with girlfriend 8

The main task of two characters is to rescue the Princess Peach, in specific they have to run, walk, and try to overcome many hurdles as well as killing the foes by jumping on their heads. Whenever the princess is helped, the game will come to an end. Mario Bros is simple for all players to come and join; simultaneously it is one of the funny games to play with girlfriend. Based on that, it is possible to play with your honey and have fun together

Super Tux:

Super Tux is a game with an adventure platform, which is quite similar to Mario game about the context. It revolves in a little penguin named Tux. The main task of Tux is to join in twenty-six adventure levels and complete them all by running to the finish point and jumping on the enemy’s heads to kill them.

funny games to play with girlfriend 9

Super Tux consists of lots of prominent features such as well-organized gameplay, beautiful snow interface, and lovely graphics. Otherwise, it is very attractive in the girl’s viewpoint. For these reasons, this game is one of the funny games to play with girlfriend.

The Sims:

The Sims is a best-selling video game of all time which conducted by Electronic Arts and developed by Maxis. Firstly, the players have to create their own family by selecting each member, and design the outlook as well as the characteristic of each people in that family. Secondly, the players will come to the interesting part which is to build the house and decorate it by their preference using some tools and objectives provided by the game. Finally, the players will manage each member living in the house with several typical activities such as going for a job, feeding the children, making babies, taking a shower, etc. In case of the character earn the money; you can use that money to improve the house quality as well as buying more things for the house.

funny games to play with girlfriend 10

Overall, this game is excessively wonderful towards many players all around the world in general, and towards many girls in specific. The Sims thus can be said that it is a prominent game belonging to a field of funny games to play with girlfriend in the eyes of boys. Therefore, so as to make your girl happy, giving this game to her and enjoy together.