10 “girl games that are funny” that you should not ignore

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Back in 20th century, whenever talking about games for girl, most of us will think of dress-up games, dolls or makeup, etc. However, nowadays technology is everywhere and mobile games have become very popular where girls could play many of their favorite games through a single device with many awesome apps installed.

Our list today will provide you the best apps of Girl games that are funny that will show your girl the world far beyond playhouse and Barbie dolls.

1. Candy Crush

Released by King Digital Entertainment since 2012, the game is available for multiple platforms from PC, Mac OS to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Together with Tiffi and Mr. Toffee, you will join with them on the journey to the Candy world where it’s not only colorful but also delicious and full of treats! Let’s swap and match candies to solve puzzles and reach higher levels. This is one of the girl games that are funny that you should not ignore.

2. SmartGurlz

The second game in girl games that are funny is SmartGurlz. This is a robotic eLearning platform that will guide your girl on basic programming/ coding. Together with the app, your girl will also receive a robot doll (Jen, Maria, Emma, etc.) shipped to your doorsteps.

Your daughter will use the app (installed on iPhone or iPad) and then control or even programming the movement of the dolls to complete few missions. With SmartGurlz, girls don’t have to know anything about code before playing this game, same as their parents. The software has been designed especially for your daughter’s brain in the right way for her to understand and learn to code.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is the third game in girl games that are funny that I would recommend. Minecraft is a video game that different from the rest of Sandbox games in the market, where it allows players to build everything from the most basic homes to the greatest castles just base on the variety of cubes in a 3D generated world using their own creativity. Not only building stuff, but Minecraft also have tons of other activities such as exploration, crafting, combat, etc.

Minecraft has now become a favorite game for everyone, even for kids (especially for girls) because it has encouraged creativity a lot and also connecting people from all over the world. According to ParentInfo.Org, the game creates so much fun for kids and also helping them with problem – solving skill, organization, teamwork planning skills also.

4. Akinator

Akinator is the game where you will need to provide your answers through a series of 20 to 25 questions from Akinator so he could guess and gives you his final prediction. Most of the time, players will feel that somehow he could read their own mind even though he’s just a fiction character in-game.

This game is very friendly for kids also, as it does have a Child filter option to make sure kids (including boys and girls) could safely enjoy this game. Akinator is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that can think and learn to find out the best questions to ask the player. Even when the game guessed wrong three times in a row, it will ask players to know the answer in order to update and expand its database. And this is the fourth game in girl games that are funny of this article.

5. Elvenar

In the world of Dreams and Magic of Elvenar, you will be given a choice between Elves and Humans in order to build your own magnificent and fantasy city. The Developer team of this game understands that female player is also a part of the gaming industry, and they need to have a game that could match the girl-game stereotype. As a result, girls represent over half the total players of Elvenar, which is quite an impressive number and achievements for Elvenar.

Elvenar lets players build up cities with their own strategies, controlling resources, research& apply tons of technologies, and either trade or conquer the world! It’s up to you whether you want to build a well-organized city or unique paradise with your own imagination, your world will surely beautiful in the end.

6. Tynker + Monster High

Tynker is a Coding Platform for kids where they could learn the basic knowledge on how to code, without requiring any experience. Tynker is suitable for kids from 3rd grade and higher, they could learn about coding from everywhere, from their house to school or even camp.

You might have heard about Monster High franchise before, this is a fashion doll franchise from America that was published by Mattel since 2010. In collaboration with this franchise, Tynker has created an impressive online gaming experience that dedicated for young girls who already have passion about fashion-dolls so they could play, learn and enjoy their time with “Learn to Code with Monster High” game.

With the help of Tynker tools, a girl could create her own dance party by coding it. They will learn to “code” with visual blocks while playing this game.

7. Tynker

Another great game from our Girl games that are funny list that we’d love to let you know is Tynker!

Tynker is a free app for both Android and iOS platforms where your kids (either boys or girls) could learn how to perform basic coding skills with few traditional programming languages like Python or JavaScript.

Tynker has its own set of games in combining with courses that will inspire girl’s creativities to make interesting things from greeting cards to cartoons, puzzle games or even music video and more.

8. Tynker + Lego + Drones

This is the eighth game in the list of girl games that are funny. Tynker has not only in collaboration with Monster High franchise but also been doing a partnership with LEGO and Parrot in order to create other girl games that are funny. Here we have:

  • LEGO WeDois a set of robotics kit for elementary school students that contains a number of LEGO bricks, Bluetooth Low Energy based hub that connects to a motor. It also provided few sensors like motion and tilt sensors that come together in the basic package. This promising to help kids to develop their creativities throughout their science projects.
  • Parrot Mambo Code: in collaboration with Parrot drone, Tynker has developed an app for kids so they could learn how to program their Drones with basic knowledge through few in-app projects. The Drone will be paired to the tablet via the app, using either Bluetooth technology (mostly for airborne drones) or Wi-Fi pairing (jumping drones).

9. Star Stable

Start Stable is an exciting online game where there are thousands of players playing together in the world full of amazing events and adventures. In this game, you will be able to join horse races, taking care of your horses and reveal all secrets of this beautiful world.

Star Stable could be considered as one of the world’s best horse and riding simulation online game in the market at the moment. Let’s explore, ride and enjoy the view with your own unique horse in the magnificent World of Star Stable! The game is free to play up to level 5 for everyone.

10. Psych

The last game in the list of girl games that are funny is Psych. If you have already familiar with the game called “Heads Up!” from Ellen DeGeneres game show, then you will get along just fine with this game. Psych is an online game that will put your social knowledge into a test with your friends.

The idea of this game is to gather a group of friends during a party or free time and try to answer a series of silly questions. You will be able to choose from a variety of categories and giving answers (including fake and real one).

By giving the right answer, the player will earn points and for an extra challenge, you’re also allowed to add Ellen to your own game and try not to get Psyched by her answers. So what are you waiting for? Let’s grab your phones and gather around, it’s time for a brand new gaming experience that unlike any other games that you’ve ever tried before!

Verdict/ Summary:

Above is our top 10 Girl games that are funny we have picked for you. These games will surely give your girls relaxing moments after a long day at school and help them to develop their creativity and problem solving also. Let’s take a look and give them a try, don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite and why.