Four AAA games are being offered free of charge

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1. Ziggurat

Ziggurat is a role-playing game with a “dungeon crawler” style combined with “first-person perspective”. This game is very hot due to the simple controls and attractive tactics. The plot in the game starts vaguely; you simply appear in a dungeon and start clashing with legendary creatures. It could be a bunch of dwarfs, maybe skeletons or witches, etc. And you have to kill them at all costs.

Ziggurat has the same graphics as the legendary Bioshock or similar classic games like Doom or Quake. Scenes are randomly generated by algorithms and this will bring a great challenge to those who engage in Ziggurat. In addition to that, the dungeon system is well built and you will need this feature instead of the boredom of familiar controls like the previous role-playing games.

This game has received a lot of positive reviews from players as well as professional critics since its release in 2014. Ziggurat is priced at $ 15 and now GOG will donate free of charge within 48 hours to 13. June 2018.

2. Quake Champions

Launched on August 23 last year but the attraction of the shooting game “Quake Champions” has never been reduced. This is an arena shooter game that is supposed to be the sequel to the first Quake game that debuted 20 years ago. Bethesda now offers gamers the opportunity to experience and own games permanently during Early Access.

Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to experience and possession of this super shooting game before the event ends. This event lasts only until midnight on June 19, so you read quickly get the game right away! This is the third chance if you have missed the previous two rounds.

3. LawBreakers

Formerly a blockbuster supposedly a rival to Overwatch, but after nearly a year of launch, the game “LawBreakers” has failed because the number of players is constantly falling. Although LawBreakers was a hot game at the time of its launch, it failed because it did not catch up with the market trend.

To avoid the collapse of the game, the developer decided to move LawBreakers from a paid game to a free-to-play game to attract more players. Although this decision is not very good and a bit late but LawBreakers is a game worth playing this summer if you love the MMOFPS genre like Overwatch.

4. For Honor

After news conference of Ubisoft at E3 2018, many games like The Division 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Transference and Starlink: Battle for Atlas will be released in near future.

On this occasion, publisher Ubisoft released the action game For Honor for free. The duration of the event lasts one week, from June 12th to June 16th. This is a great opportunity for you to experience this ultimate game without losing any fees.

For Honor gives players a new and unprecedented way of playing. You participate in matches of chaos, anger and brutality. In “For Honor”, you can become a great Viking, a nimble medieval knight or a samurai with a sharp katana. However, the multiplicity of character classes along with that is the way to promote their strength in the battles that make you feel excited and you will want to discover more about this game. Facing other players in co-op mode is another attraction that will force you to try For Honor.