Games Like Happy Room

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Developed for multiple platforms, Happy Room is one of the most entertainments Physics Ragdoll based video. In this game, a player will need to use all available equipment in the room to destroy the specific target in the room.

Happy Room encourages player to use their creativities to perform various combo styles in order to achieve a high score. If you’re looking for a list of games that have similar gameplay to Happy Room, then let’s take a look our top 05 Games like Happy Room below for more details!

Games Like Happy Room

1. Grumpy Bear:

Developed by Fluik, Grumpy Bears is a casual video game that available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. The game has a unique story where it begins with the cave of bear somehow has been opened, and because of that, Pharaohs and Grumpy Mummies have been awakening after a long sleep and escaped…they are starving and looking for honey!!

In Grumpy Bear, your mission is to defend and protect your barrels of honey at all cost. To do so, you will be provided with a wide variety of weapons together with defense systems. Protecting your honey delivery truck against zombie bears has never been so dangerous and fun like this!

Let’s battle with all weapons you have and put up your best defenses with Grumpy Bear!

Games Like Happy Room


2. Kill the Bad Stickman Boss

The second game in 05 Games like Happy Room is Kill the Bad Stickman Boss. This is an Action – Puzzle video game only available for Android users. The game offers an exciting gameplay where you could torture and kill your bad boss in your own style.

In Kill the bad stickman boss, your boss will be your enemy under the dummy clown body, and you’re free to drag him into your torture room where you could give him the most painful that he could ever imagine.

It’s your chance for revenge, release your stress, unleash your anger on this bad guy boss and kill that dummy doll for good. Try to utilize different weapons that the game provided to you, for example: machine gun, boxing fist, etc. and even a samurai sword.

Games Like Happy Room

3. Smash Dude

Another Action – Puzzle game that we would like to introduce today is Smash Dude, one of the games like Happy Room. This game was published by Firezoo for both Android and iOS. Smash Dude offers an awesome gameplay that provides you a chance to hit a hilarious creature in order to release your stress.

Smash Dude also provides you a choice with the Weapons Factory Create, where you will be free to create and custom your own weapons using your creativity! After you’ve done with the work, remember to save them for later and use them to torture your best buddy, Smash Dude!

Games Like Happy Room

With over 3 million users and available to download now for free, there is nothing could stop you from playing this game together with other players from all over the world!

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4. Beat the Boss 2

Created by Game Hive Corporation, Beat the Boss 2 is Available for both Android and iOS platforms. This game is following the success of the original title. With more than 50 million downloads to date; Beat the Boos 2 is on its way to overcoming the shadows of the first chapter by anytime soon.

In this game, you will be granted a special privilege to take sweet vengeance on your madness boss. You will be given an arsenal full of lethal weapons, together with magical forces and deadly blades. Let the boss know what will happen when he messed with the wrong guy!

The control mechanism in Beat the Boss 2 still the same as the original title but it offers a brand new graphics, stages, etc. and especially an enhanced gameplay. This is not a good game; it’s an awesome one of games like Happy Room for sure!

Games Like Happy Room

5. Kick the Buddy

If you’re having anger management issue and need to release it into someone or something, then, Kick the Buddy is the game right just for you! This game is the last game in this list “05 Games Like Happy Room”. Published by Crustalli, Kick the Buddy is now Available for both iOS and Android.

The game offers an extraordinary gameplay which gives you an opportunity to release your anger by hitting a doll who is your buddy, using various kinds of weapons, unbelievable tools, and equipment.

You will be free to destroy, explode, shoot, etc. or even using the power of the Gods non-stop!

With a limitless arsenal that the game provided to you, including: rockets, grenades, torture instruments, etc. or even an atomic bomb, Kick the Buddy is more than just a fun game!