Sea of thieves Kraken guide: How to find its location and kill it

sea of thieves kraken 2
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sea of thieves kraken

Sea of Thieves is a great action-adventure game about the pirate theme. This is a new game and has just released to a limited selection of countries in March 2018. In this game, players will be set in the role of a pirate sailing the seas. Here, they have to face lots of enemies and dangerous creature of the sea. In these enemies, Sea of Thieves Kraken is probably the most formidable enemy. And of course, with players who love challenging themselves, finding and killing this dangerous enemy is an exciting experience. But, what is Kraken? How to find Sea of thieves Kraken location? And the most important is how to kill a Kraken. This article will mention all aspects revolving around Sea of Thieves Kraken. Follow us to learn more about it!

About Sea of thieves

First of all, let’s find out a bit about this interesting game. Sea of Thieves is an excellent action-adventure game that was created by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. This game is available to play on Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms.

sea of thieves kraken 2

As mentioned above, Sea of Thieves is about the pirate theme and takes place in a fantastical world. In this game, players will be set in the role of a pirate. They will have a chance to do many interesting quests, collect loot, and engage in combat with so many enemies. They either can go alone in this dangerous journey or team up a crew with 3 other players to explore the game world together. Like the real world, in this adventure, they will face lots of dangerous sea monsters and other pirate teams. They can co-operate together to kill a sea monster or fight each other to loot resource. In addition, this game is a shared game world. This means players will encounter each other regularly throughout their adventure.

With an addictive gameplay, a cartoonish art style, an exaggerated physics engine, and many other prominent features. This game allows players to perform stunts and bring a realism and lively experience. For this reason, it also receives lots of positive comments and reviews from both critics and gamers. Now, let’s move to our main topic today – Sea of Thieves Kraken.

What is Sea of Thieves Kraken?

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In Sea of Thieves, Kraken is a water creature and quite similar to Kraken of sea folklore. It is described as a giant squid-like creature that can attack ships from underwater using its enormous tentacles. Because most documents revolving around this creature are very short and largely obscure, we don’t know exactly about its size. However, one thing we can make sure that it is greater than the size of some larger ships in this game. Possibly, it is as large as the Galleon.

Sea of Thieves Kraken ascends from the depths of the sea and uses its tentacles to surround ships. When Kraken appears, the game will forewarn players by turning the sea into black around their ships. Besides that, the clouds overhead is also turned into the stormy color. The sea continues to be black until the Kraken is killed. This game also prevents any players from jumping into the sea to view all this creature’s body.

It attacks both players’ ship and their characters. It destroys the ship by wrapping a tentacle around the ship and puncture the hull. For players’ characters, it opens the maws on the ends of its tentacles and sucks them into these tentacles. Players can avoid this attack by going below deck when the wind indicators show you that the air flowing towards the maw.

How to find Sea of Thieves Kraken location?

Simply put, we can’t find exact Kraken location, at least not a conventional way. As mentioned above, until this time, we even can’t see the full body and exact size of this dangerous creature. Rare – the developer of this game want to design Kraken as a natural force of the sea. So, he intentionally designed this monster so that it can’t be found. Instead of that, it will find players in some time that they least expect it. This is also an interesting point in this game because you can’t take initiative to approach this creature. And of course, you also can’t have a long time to prepare for fighting with it. We can’t guess the thing belongs to natural. All the sea is a randomly generated map and there is nowhere you can always find the Kraken.

However, we also can mention Kraken location in theory. As mentioned above, Kraken is described that has a very large size and ascends from the depths of the sea. For this reason, you can have a better chance to encounter this creature in the deeper water. In detail, you will have much more chance of finding Krakens in the deepwater area like in the middle of the ocean. And of course, when being in fairly shallow waters between two islands, the possibility you encounter Kraken is almost impossible. It is a monster that emerges from the depths of the ocean. And for this reason, it’s logical to expect to find this creature in the middle of the sea.

Although you can’t find Sea of Thieves Kraken location, you surely won’t miss it when it is near you. As mentioned above, when Kraken appears, the sea will be turned into black and the clouds overhead will also turn into a stormy color. So, when encountering this signal, let’s prepare for an epic battle.

How to kill a Kraken in Sea of Thieves?

Although you can’t find Sea of Thieves Kraken location and also can’t control the time to encounter it. Defeating this creature is the thing you can control. You will receive a special signal when Kraken appears, so can prepare quickly. Using your cannons is a great way to defeat this creature. When its tentacles raise up from the water like towers, let’s aim all of your cannons at any tentacles and lay into them. In fact, these tentacles are the thing that Kraken will use to attack both you and your ship. So, if you want to defeat it, hacking off its limbs is the great strategy.

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In addition, Kraken will want to use its tentacles to puncture your ship’s deck. Let’s turn this danger into an advantage to hack off its tentacles and protect your ship. In detail, while the tentacle is down on the deck, let’s lay into it with all of your available weapons. Using cutlasses or cannons is useful to destroy or make it retreat in this situation. Besides that, the weak point of Kraken is in the head of the tentacles. So, you should try to land a hit on these head to make more damage for the Kraken. We strongly recommend you to use a scoped rifle from the Armory Chest to perform this strategy.

Always keep in mind that your ship is probably going to be sustaining lots of damage in the combat against Kraken. So, ensure to stock up on wooden planks as soon as you can. This activity will help you repair holes in the ship more quickly and block the ship’s sinking.

Sea of Thieves Kraken’s reward

Although Kraken is a really big challenge in this game, there is actually no in-game reward for people who kill this creature. In fact, as mentioned above, Rare always intended to design Kraken to be a random force of nature in this game. So, it is easy to understand why there’s no actual in-game reward for people who defeated this monster. However, instead of earning an in-game reward for taking down Kraken, you can unlock the ‘Kraken Good Time’ Achievement”. This will help you to have 15 Gamerscore for your Xbox Live profile. This is also very attractive, right?


Sea of Thieves Kraken is really a dangerous creature in this game. Because the developer wants to design it as a natural creature in this game, you can’t know exactly about this monster. You also can’t find Sea of Thieves Kraken location and it will appear random in some time you don’t expect. In addition, in order to defeat this dangerous sea beast, you need to have a great strategy. The most recommended strategy to defeat it is trying to hack off its tentacles by hitting on the head of these tentacles.

In general, Sea of Thieves is a massive and new game. So, we are still figuring out the finer details about this game including Kraken. There are lots of mystery revolving around this creature that we need to investigate further to uncover. If you have something new about it, let’s share with us to discuss together. We are very happy to listen to your opinion. Finally, thank you for reading!