Give up 2 unblocked – One of the most challenge games

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Have you ever heard about a game named give up 2 unblocked? This is really a challenge and “makes your brain so tired” game which requires the player has to be very persistent and intelligent overcome all the extremely difficult obstacles. Now, let’s start to explore all about this very challenging game!

About give up 2 unblocked

Give up 2 unblocked is the second part of an interesting action series game named give up. This is really an interesting and full of challenges game which was created by Massive Monster (who made the Code and Art) and Tasselfoot (who designed the game), released in March 2015.

In this game, you will control a blue stickman and your mission is to overcome all the obstacles and reach the exit door safely. There will be a lot of levels in this game and most of them are extremely hard. The difficulty will increase in each level which you have passed. You will also have to avoid spikes, cameras, guns, lasers, and many other things that are so terrible.

As the name of the game, Give up, in this game, there will be a big blue GIVE UP button, very clear to see on your screen, and you can press on it at any time you want to give up the game. The initial levels are quite easy and you just have to run to the door to pass. However, as you progress, there are thousands of obstacles are added, can you persevere to complete all the levels or will press on the “Give up” button?

How to play give up 2 unblocked?

It is very easy to control your small blue stickman in this game.

Using keyboard arrow keys to control your stickman movement

Up arrow key to jump and double tap on it to double jump.

Give up 2 unblocked, tips and tricks

In some situations, you need to take advantage of the walls to jump higher and higher.

Be careful with the bricks that will fall down from the ceiling.

Running as fast as possible to the exit door if you don’t want to die by the laser ray.

An amazing surprise will come when you press on the “Give up” button.

Any time when you get stuck, you can pause the game and click the Walkthrough button to see the tutorial.

In addition, there are some small tips for you to play the game more convenience. You can turn the sound on or off on the game screen. And you also can play the game in full-screen mode if you want.

Summary: Give up 2 unblocked is really an interesting and full of challenging game. If you love this game, it is very easy for you to play it for free. Nowadays, there are a lot of free gaming sites that provide this game for free. And if you still don’t know any free gaming sites that provide this game, you also can play it on this link!