Top games like Slope

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Slope is a game title that has the player directing a rolling marble in a 3D world. This game is popular for its amazing attraction as well as glamourous graphics. If you haven’t played Slope, then you are way too old-fashioned!

Let us tell you this: your gaming experience will be incredibly widened as we introduce to you this list of Top games like Slope. We promise you that this list of amazing video games like Slope with addictive Adventure, Attacking, Arcade, and Thrilling elements will blow your mind. Let’s swipe up and check it out now!

Happy Wheels

Developed by Fancy Force, Happy Wheels features a set of various playable characters who spend the rest of their life on the different wheeled vehicles. The player will have to direct these characters to use their vehicles and traverse the game’s resourceful levels.

You will be amazed at how violence the graphics of the game are. To achieve victory in the game, the player has to reach all the finish lines and collect tokens. However, many levels of Happy Wheels feature nonexistent goals, which makes the game become even more enjoyable!

Human Darts

In this video game Human Darts, the player will have a chance to test his sensitiveness as the game requires him to select a victim and throw darts at the targets.

Once the player reaches the limit of hurting the human target, his gameplay is over. The game rewards the player with a high score as the player manages to throw the darts directly to the middle of the targets, which called a Bullseye.

The really interesting elementabout Human Darts is that this video game serves soft violence, which makes the player curious about whatever he is going to face throughout the gameplay.

Flying Coffins 3

Flying Coffins 3 is the third installment in the series of Flying Coffins, which has been a massive hit ever since the first installment was released. The game sets in the background of great Military Air Forces, where you take the role of an amazing pilot.

Your object is becoming the winner of the game after successfully defeating an experienced army. Learning the rule of Flying Coffins is quite simple, but the ten difficult levels of the game will challenge anyone who dares to take a nap in the “Flying Coffins.”


Do you think you can manage to fly under the pressure of death and life? This video game Helicopter is no joke as it forces you to fight against gravity and deal with the X and Y-axis.

Somehow after playing this video game, you will tell yourself that flying is only for the animals with the natural wings if you are a coward. Using only the mouse to steer the chopper of the helicopter, you will have the chance to discover a whole different world in the blue sky you usually see at peace.

Run 3

Honestly, no game can beat Run 3 when it comes to the term of an addictive endless running video game. Why? Because this unique creature Run 3 brings the player to the dimension where the simple movements like running and jumping can totally save anyone’s life.

Run 3 sets in the space environment, and it challenges the player to overcome his weakness by controlling a cute alien and surpass the great numbers of unpredictable barriers.

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Have fun!