Future Care: Current Trends Shaping Senior Care

Senior care is a crucial service to millions of households in the country. Many rely on this service to keep their elderly in tip-top shape and to ensure that they can live the best lives they can live. However, some trends are shaping senior care as we know it, and as people who use these services, you must know about these trends.

The trends that we will be discussing are telehealth, in-home care, remote care, and smart surveillance. All of these trends can positively impact the industry. But, first, let’s start with something you might have noticed during the pandemic, telehealth.


Telehealth was a service that many ignored when many healthcare providers offered it at the start of the decade. Many thought that it was not required and a waste of money subscribing to such kind of healthcare. However, when the pandemic hit, telehealth became a vital service for many seniors and those who require aid but can’t visit the hospital.

Telehealth services reached their peak last year, with millions using the service to get the care they need and to stay away from the virus. In addition, millions of people have realized the power of telehealth and how convenient and safe it is during the pandemic, especially for the elderly.

Moreover, telehealth services can reach almost anywhere in the US. This makes healthcare services widely available in the country. So no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection or a landline, you can subscribe to telehealth to ensure that your senior gets the help they need.

In-home Care
care giver assisting a senior in massaging his glutes

A staggering amount of seniors are choosing in-home care over anything else. But this doesn’t mean that hospices are going to be obsolete. On the contrary, this can make such services even more essential among millions in the industry.

Many seniors choose in-home care because it lets them stay with their loved ones. It also lets them stay in touch with their friends and helps them meet new ones along the way. In-home care also means that they aren’t limited to choices. They can choose to eat their favorite food, walk in their local park, and play sports whenever they feel like it.

For many in the industry, they have to adapt to changing circumstances. Because of this, many hospices have in-home care services. They are even putting a lot more effort into such services to ensure that they can take control of the market.

In-home care is a good trend that keeps seniors staying with their families. It means that they are less likely to experience depression and have a good social support system as they grow older.

Remote Care

Interestingly enough, family members can now also keep an eye out on their seniors when they are not at home. They can also see if their elder is getting enough care from the services they’ve hired to care for them.

Remote care is a mix of smart surveillance methods and outsourced services to ensure that an elder is safe in their home. One interesting contraption that can keep an eye out on your elder and warn them of certain problems is a smartwatch.

Smartwatches can now be a part of a senior’s care. It can monitor their heartbeat, where they are and even serve as alarms for their intake of pills. It’s a robust technology that makes remote care possible.

Other smart devices can also ensure that your elder is living a comfortable life at home. Smart HVAC can ensure that they don’t get too cold or too hot in their room. Cleaning robots can ensure that your home is free from viruses and dirt. All of these things are making remote care a robust option for many families who worry about their elders quite a lot.

A Concentration on Holistic Care

Lastly, senior care is now heading towards a more  holistic point of care instead of just physical care among seniors. Many good nursing homes now have psychologists and psychiatrists to ensure seniors that avail of their services have good mental health. Additionally, dieticians and physical trainers are now often hired by the same services so that seniors can live a much healthier life.

The industry concentrating on holistic care can make the quality of life of many seniors so much better. They are more likely to stay happy under this kind of care and ensure that they stay physically and mentally healthy for the rest of their lives.

We want the best for our elders. Thankfully, the industry is shifting towards that through these trends. So don’t be afraid to get your elder the best senior care they deserve.

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