Struggles and Triumph: Juggling a Career and Motherhood

CNN reports that a working mom defines success by having a great career and relationship with the family. However, it is not that easy to achieve this. Raising a kid is difficult; combined with a job, some may find it hard to do both things successfully.

Defining a Working Mom

A working com is someone who juggles career and motherhood. Working women can be divided into two categories: work-from-home moms and those who have to leave for work while performing maternal duties.

Some women are lucky enough to successfully balance motherhood and career. When one successfully does so, she helps raise a good member of society and fulfills her needs for financial independence and completeness.

The Pressure of Being a Working Mom

Within most societies, mothers are perceived as the ones who are responsible for raising a child. This perception puts pressure on working moms. Because society dictates that they should have more time with their kids, they are forced to take more than the allotted leaves, affecting their work performance.

Although based on statistics, half of the women feel like they ace juggling career and motherhood, half of the women don’t. More than working dads, many working moms feel and say that giving time for their jobs has somehow damaged their relationship with their children.

Working moms and their kids

working mom

For most moms, the hardest part of the day is in the morning. They have to prepare everything the children need for the entire day before coming to work. Before even starting their nine to five jobs, they already started working at home.

Additionally, it’s hard to leave young children at home, especially when they are sick. Most moms feel guilty leaving their sick children; this sometimes leads to them taking an additional leave from work. When this happens, moms sacrifice their off days to make up for emergency leaves.

Also, it’s hard for working moms to find quality time with their kids. Most of the time, they get tired from all the work and responsibilities at home and in their job; it becomes hard for moms to plan and enjoy bonding activities with their kids when all they want to do is rest.

Working moms and relationship with self

Just as a working mom may neglect to spend quality time with her kids, she can also forget spending quality time with and taking care of herself. To fulfill all the responsibilities she has with family and work, she forgets about eating, exercising, giving attention to grooming, and sleeping properly.

However, self-care is essential; before one can take care of anyone, she needs to take care of herself first. Some may think it is hard to squeeze self-care into their schedule, but Forbes shares easy, doable steps for working moms’ self-care.

Juggling Career and Motherhood Successfully

Women have always been faced with adversity. Juggling career and motherhood is only one challenge they can overcome in their own ways. Some choose to employ janitorial services to save on time doing chores and allot it instead for family, work, or self-care. Others ask for support from friends and other members of the family when it gets overwhelming.

Additionally, The New York Times mentions several ways to succeed as a working mom. It states that it is okay to feel overwhelmed, and a working mom should not blame herself for feeling this way. Having a career and children is indeed overwhelming, and those people around you, whether at work or home, should be able to understand where you are coming from.

Be Proud

A working mom should take pride in what she is trying to accomplish. Women, according to studies, are proven to be productive, probably more productive than men at work. At the same time, working moms turn out to be great parents, as studies reveal. Daughters of working moms become achievers while sons learn how to do their share of household chores.

Learn to Negotiate

Studies reveal that working moms are more committed and have the firmness and confidence to say no at work. Therefore, these moms must also negotiate for flexibility at work. Working moms must confidently negotiate for flexible schedules and hours at work and how and where they will do their responsibilities.

While negotiating, it is crucial to assure your boss that productivity will not be diminished. Instead, it will boost your productivity because you are satisfied with working conditions and happier with your relationship at home. If the employer is not sure about the outcome of the setup, tell them to do a trial period.

Women are strong; working women are almost like superheroes. Juggling career and motherhood is an amazing feat not many can do, but it is possible as long as you believe and put your foot forward.

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