Stunning and Functional Design Tips and Ideas for Studio Apartments

Do you want to try your hand in the real estate industry? Invest in a studio apartment.

By definition, a studio apartment or flat cannot be bigger than 600 square feet. It seems small, and it is, but it can be a good first investment for newbie real estate enthusiasts who want to dip their toes in the market. Owning a studio apartment is nothing to scoff at, especially at a time like 2022, and everything feels uncertain in any industry, and not a lot of people want to take the leap.

So if you are a newbie investor and finally found the best mortgage rates for your first venture, here are some design tips and tricks to design it in a way that is not only perfectly functional but also gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing.

Turn It Into a Loft

Consider turning the studio into a loft-style. This simply means elevating the bed and using the space underneath as a flexible space, like a sitting area, reading nook, or home office. Invest in a loft bed so that you have more room and space to play. However, if your ceiling is on the higher side, consider having a loft constructed inside. It will help you.

Be Inspired by Boutique Hotels

Here are some key features of boutique hotels:

  • A small but chic kitchenette that will allow you to cook any kind of dish you want. The storage solutions are smart and creative as well, so there’s plenty of room to store kitchen appliances, equipment, tools, and kitchenware.
  • A few pieces of retro furniture, like a cadenza or mid-century modern console table that can double as an office desk.
  • A curated minibar by the windows, especially if you love drinking as a stress-reliever after a busy workday.

Boutique hotel rooms are known for having complete amenities despite the smaller space, so you can take inspiration from them as you plan and design your studio apartment.

Use White as the Main Color

The timeless 60-30-10 color rule states that your main color should account for about 60 percent of the space, which means it needs to be the color of your walls and biggest furniture pieces. Thirty percent of your room should be the secondary color, which will support your main color. It can be similar to the main color but distinct enough that the eye can set them apart. Your main color should be the shade of your accent chairs, painted furniture, bed sheets, draperies, and accent walls. And lastly, 10 percent of your room should be the accent color, which can be the shade of your room’s artwork, decorative accessories, and throw pillows.

To create the illusion of a bigger space, opt for white as your main color. Think about it: Your main color needs to be the blank canvas that will allow you to play and branch out, so going for something lighter and more neutral will not limit your remaining design and color choices. Here are some of the best white paint colors from Benjamin Moore:

  • Chantilly Lace
  • Cloud White
  • Simply White
  • Dove Wing
  • White Dove

These are just some of the best white shades from the brand, so make sure to swatch every possible color of white on your actual walls and look at them from every angle and every possible type of lighting to ensure that you’re choosing the right one.

Let Your Sofa Do Double or Triple Duty

If you are truly pressed for space, make your bed do double or triple duty. This means investing in a bed frame that can also double as a day bed or sofa, depending on your need. You can do this by pushing the bed frame against the window so that you have a gorgeous view of the outside, investing in pillows, throws, and blankets to make it as comfortable as possible, and using lighting to turn the bed into a warm and comfortable abode. There are also some modular sofas in the market that you can look into. Add a cozy rug and a small coffee table or bedside table for good measure.

If you create a multifunctional area that can be used for both resting and entertaining, you are already maximizing the minuscule space that you have.

If a studio apartment is all you can afford right now, don’t be too quick to give up on a design and layout that you can be proud of or show off on Instagram. With the right ideas and solutions, it can be the coziest and prettiest first home you could ever hope for.

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