Making a Mark Online: Creating an Online Artist Presence

The internet has been a big boon for various occupations, especially those of the creative bent. For artists, an online presence is essential if they want to get a wider audience. But it isn’t as easy as making a page on Facebook and sharing links. There needs to be a solid strategy behind it for there to be a good effect. Here is a closer look at what most artists do to raise their profile online.

Creating A Brand

 One of the first steps that an artist should do is to define what brand they will have online. This is the persona and style that they present to the world. Some artists are provocative while others are more reactive when it comes to presenting themselves. While it may seem too much like marketing, it has been an effective tactic for artists for years. Even the great Picasso knew that he needed to go beyond his artistic skills and present himself in a specific way. The creation of an artistic mystique can make an artist’s creations more valuable.

An artist should then decide what sort of brand they want to present to the world. They might focus on unique approaches to art or a particular genre. An idea of how they want to present themselves to the world should be in their heads before they start spreading their online presence.

Have Their Own Website

 An artist should have their own website. While some artists might host their work on third-party sharing sites, there is nothing like an actual website that an artist fully owns. This gives them total creative control over everything and that is important. Artists who don’t have any skills in web design should work with a professional web development services provider to create a site that properly presents their art. Besides that, this website is also the perfect venue for sales. Customers can contact the artist for commissions or the artist can have a dedicated store section to sell their creations.

Choosing The Right Channels

 Besides the main website, an artist should also spread out and find channels to showcase their art on. For visual artists, sites like ArtStation and DeviantArt are a favorite while musicians have SoundCloud and Spotify. Artists should sit down and evaluate what each channel can do for them. They should also consider all the options available. For example, it may not seem like it but Instagram has a thriving artist community that allows artists to reach out to their audience more easily.

Being Part Of A Community

online community

The internet is also the ideal place for artist communities to form. In the past, gatherings of artists were limited to geography and time. Now, they can get together from all over the world. Artists thrive best when they are part of a community. There are many things that they can learn from others.

Additionally, these communities are also a great place to discuss current art forms and their developments. Artists should share their opinions and hear from others about what they think of art. Some artists get a lot of exposure from these discussions and it can raise their profile, especially if they champion a particular style or approach to their art.

Building An Audience

An online presence also allows artists to connect to their audience. In the past, there was always a big barrier between the artist and those who enjoy their work. The internet eliminates this distance and makes it easier to reach them. But for artists who want to grow their audience, there needs to be a lot more effort. Artists should connect and contact influencers, magazines, and others who can showcase them. It won’t happen overnight but artists who put in the effort to reach out will be rewarded.

Find Opportunities

 Another approach to building an online presence is to find the various opportunities that are out there. Online art competitions are becoming a regular occurrence. Artists should submit their works regularly to such competitions. Winning would be a big boost since this means that their work gets featured prominently on the site of the competition. The prize also helps but the main goal is to become visible. Even coming in second place should be enough for artists, as long as their art is featured.

While it makes marketing easier, an online presence is still a lot of work. For artists who want to make a mark, they have to consider this in their strategy. Whether they are making music or painting portraits, artists can flourish online with the entire world as the audience. The exposure that they can receive greatly increases their chances of success.

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