Special Winter Festivals Around the World

The world is a beautiful and mysterious place, and not least so during winter. People of all walks of life come together to celebrate this time in some truly unique ways. If you’re up for some winter fun, look no further than these fantastic festivals:

Takayama Matsuri Snow Festival, Japan — November

This fantastic festival is in the Takayama region of Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It features several artisans creating ice sculptures illuminated by an array of bright lights for visitors to admire. You’ll also see fireworks shows taking place during this fantastic event, which takes place for three days every January.

Hemis Festival, Ladakh, India — September

This fantastic event is held every year in the stunning region of Ladakh in Northern India. It lasts for four days and features several cultural performances, including dance and music shows performed by over one hundred monks. This unique occasion also features Buddhist rituals that showcase ancient traditions.

St. Moritz Ice Cricket, Switzerland — January

This fantastic event is held in the Swiss Alps every year on natural iced-over lakes in the Engadin Valley. The game is between cricket teams of locals and guests with a tennis ball and wooden bats. Over 7,000 people turn out to watch this exciting occasion, making it one of the world’s largest natural ice rinks.

If you’re going to see this show, though, you better be dressed properly for the occasion. Put on a Bogner ski jacket for men to protect you from the elements, and come prepared to have fun!

Festival De Neige En Valais, Switzerland — January

This fantastic festival is in Martigny, which is in the Swiss Canton of Valais. It takes place for two weeks during January and February each year and features various activities and events for visitors to enjoy. These include snow biking, paragliding, rafting, diving, and Nordic walking.

Lake Baikal Ice Fishing Festival, Siberia — January

This terrific festival is held each year in one of the coldest spots on earth; Siberia. It lasts for four days and provides visitors with the chance to participate in several ice-fishing activities that are fun and truly unique. This includes fishing hot springs, which is impressive! There’s also an Ice Hockey Competition, Ice Bowling, and even Ice Sledge Racing!

Aurora Borealis Festival, Iceland — February

This fantastic festival is in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. It features several events and activities, including Northern Lights excursions open to visitors both day and night. There’s also an Ice Bar experience where you can enjoy drinks served in ice glasses. You can also enjoy Ice-Climbing, Ice Swimming, and even Hot-Pot Jumping!

Ice Music Festival, Norway — February

northern lights

This fantastic festival takes place in the Lapland region of Norway every year during February. The local community comes together to create all kinds of instruments using only snow and ice. The instruments range from string, wind, and percussion, and the music they produce is truly unique!

Jisan Snow Music Festival, South Korea — January

This fantastic event takes place in Jisan Forest Resort in Yongin City, South Korea, every January, and February. It features two weekends jam-packed full of fun and engaging activities for guests to enjoy, including several concerts, ice skating, and even a snow tubing experience!

Harbin International Ice And Snow Sculpture Festival, China — January

This incredible event is held in China’s northern city of Harbin every year between January and February. It features a dazzling display of colossal ice sculptures around numerous global locations, including Japan, Russia, Italy, and more. There’s also an Ice Lantern Exhibition Experience where guests can see lantern artworks that depict various scenic landscapes.

International Snow Sculpture Championships — Lake Tahoe, USA — February

This fantastic event is held in the American city of Lake Tahoe every year between February and March. It features several competitions that see local, national, and international artists use only snow to create different sculptures. These include animals, superheroes, and more!

Luminarie De Cagna, Italy — December

This fantastic event takes place in the Italian city of Venice every year during December. Candles and lanterns line the sidewalks, which make them glow beautifully at night! The festival uses light to represent hope for a better world; it’s truly unique.

Snow Festival Hokkaido Sapporo — February

This terrific festival takes place in Makomanai Park, located in Sapporo, Japan, every February. It features several snow-related attractions and activities, including sledding, snow rafting, and even an igloo village where guests can stay overnight!

Festival of Ice and Fire — Harz Mountains, Germany — February

This fantastic event takes place in the Harz Mountains region of Germany every year during February. The Twelfth Twelfth Night Festival-themed around fire and ice; this is why there are fireworks displays that complement the dazzling sculptures made out of ice!

Elaho Ice Festival — Tahoe, California, USA — February

This fantastic event takes place in the American city of Lake Tahoe every year between February and March. Several themed ice exhibits are on display, including an Ice Lantern Exhibition Experience where guests can see lantern artworks that depict various scenic landscapes.

Winter is a time for family, friends, and celebrations. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with others while experiencing something truly unique this year, be sure to check out these awesome festivals that are just waiting on your visit.

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